Story Podcasts


Episode 1: "A Fishy Tale" by Apol Lejano-Massebieau
Narrated by Yvette Tan


Episode 1: "Six from Downtown" by Dean Francis Alfar
Narrated by Blue Soon and Kate Aton-Osias

Episode 2: "Ghost Between Moments" by Kate Aton-Osias
Narrated by Elyss G. Punsalan

Episode 3: "The Sparrows of Climaco Avenue" by Kenneth Yu
Narrated by Fides Bernardo

Episode 4: "The Bridge" by Yvette Tan, Abdridged Version
Narrated by Nikki Alfar

Episode 5: "Self with Dog, 1997" by Angelo Lacuesta
Narrated by Edward Quilo

Episode 6: Double Issue!
"Twilight of the Magi" by Dominic Cimafranca
Narrated by Zack Bulatao and Epok Claravall

"God is the Space Between" by Maryanne Moll
Narrated by Dulce Amor Fortunado

Episode 7: "Keeping Time" by F.H. Batacan
Narrated by Alexander Osias

Episode 8: "The Sniffles" by Carljoe Javier
Narrated by Joel Macaventa

Episode 9: "Adrift on the Street Formerly Known as Buendia" by Nikki Alfar
Narrated by Karen Vigo

Episode 10: "The Bridge" by Yvette Tan, Full Version
Narrated by Nikki Alfar

Episode 11: "Reunion" by Eliza Victoria
Narrated by Solo Galura

Episode 12: "Kara's Place" by Luis Katigbak
Narrated by Christine Lao

Episode 13: "New Toy" by Joseph Montecillo
Narrated by Joy Tria Tirona