Sunday, March 20, 2011

WANTED: Narrators

If you're intested in doing volunteer voice work (and uhm, by volunteer, I really mean *for free*, because Pakinggan Pilipinas is a project out of Pinoy-fiction love), drop me a line!

1. Record a four minute narration of any short story in mp3/wav form. (Don't worry too much if the background is noisy.)

2. Send to Do write: NARRATOR AUDITION in the subject.

3. If you're versatile and you want to send in more than one kind of narration, go for it.

4. Do let me know where you're from (and this has something to do with recording logistics).

I'm currently open to all kinds of voices, as the story calendar is still in progress, and a database of talent would make things easier.
(However, the most urgent need is a male teen for a story I've wanted to produce since last year.)

Thanks, and feel free to pass this note around!


Sunday, March 6, 2011


If you’re one of the country’s commuting public, it’s likely that you’ve been stranded at least once in your life, and almost always the cause of your troubles is brought about by some form of flooding that cannot, or would not, be explained by public works officials.

Author Nikki Alfar offers a bizarre tale on being stranded, in this month’s featured story “ADRIFT ON THE STREET FORMERLY KNOWN AS BUENDIA”, narrated by marketer Karen Vigo. It first appeared in the Philippines Free Press (2007), and then again in Bewildering Stories. The Bewildering Stories editors loved it so much that it became one of the recipients of the site’s most signal honor, the 2010 Mariner Award.

Finally, fixed =) ENJOY!

Press PLAY to stream full episode.
Download the full story for Free! Right-click on link, then choose “Save Target As.”

NIKKI ALFAR is a fiction and comics writer, editor and resident grammar nazi of the Manila Lit Critters. Her fiction can be found in local publications like the Philippines Free Press, Philippine Genre Stories, and Story Philippines, and in online publications like Fantasy Magazine and Bewildering Stories. Nikki’s stories have received Palanca awards and citations in the Year’s Best Fantasy. She is wife to businessman/fictionist Dean Alfar, and is mother to daughters Sage and Rowan.

You can also listen to Nikki narrate a story by Yvette Tan: The Bridge.


KAREN VIGO is a full time campaign planner for a multinational cosmetics company. She loves food in all its glorious forms, and considers Coke Regular as the best beverage in the world.