Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We’re featuring The Sparrows of Climaco Avenue , written by Kenneth Yu and narrated by Fides Bernardo, in remembrance of the Ondoy tragedy. This first appeared in Rocket Kapre’s Ruin and Resolve, a charity anthology, put together by Paolo Chikiamco, then reprinted in Philippine Speculative Fiction 5, edited by Nikki Alfar and Vin Simbulan.

There’s still some work to be done to completely rehabilitate victims of last year’s mega typhoons. If you want to help the Philippine National Red Cross, do log on HERE. Rocket Kapre also donates to the PNRC when you purchase their e-book Ruin and Resolve.

Running Time: 14m 27s
Press PLAY to stream full episode.
Download the full story for Free! Right-click on link, then choose “Save Target As.”

I’m also announcing that I’ll be accepting story requests. (Yay!) Just email me at : send me the title and author of the story. Some guidelines though:
(1) Story must already be published online or in print. If it’s online, send me the link. If not, send me the name of the publication. If it’s from a magazine, let me know which issue.
(2) Author of story must be of Filipino descent.
(3) Must be a short story with 1,500 words to 4,000 words
(4) Story can either be in English or Filipino.
(5) Deadline for the 1st Quarter 2011 requests will be on November 1, 2010.

Do spread the word!


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